My favorite pick of the Colts’ draft

I’ve been of the opinion that the Colts should spend their time ensuring that their strength remains a strength. The defense has been a money pit, so to speak, with countless draft picks thrown at the defense, but the unit remains abysmal, especially against the rush, but increasingly, against the pass as well. It just doesn’t get any better, no matter how many selections are expended on it. The same can be said, to a lesser extent, about the ground game.

So instead of trying to rebuild a unit that the Colts have shown almost no ability to improve, why not spend the time ensuring that the strengths remain strengths? With Reggie Wayne out for much of the year last year, it was very clear the Colts passing game wasn’t reaching its full potential. More accurately, Andrew Luck wasn’t reaching his full potential.

This offseason, the Colts signed Hakeem Nicks, while they will also get Reggie Wayne back. Wayne is now in his mid 30s playing on one bum knee, while Nicks is only signed for one year. In the draft, they added Donte Moncrief from Mississippi, who has all the physical talent in the world, the size and speed of a prototypical receiver. He’s raw, though, which is fine. He won’t be a featured skill player next year, and can learn route running and blocking and develop into the player he will be capable of.

TY Hilton, a smaller slot guy, and Moncrief, a bigger burner, will be perfect compliments for each other, to go along with Coby Fleener for many years to come. Andrew Luck has to be happy. I know I am.

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