This doesn’t seem optimal for Josmil Pinto’s development


This is the game log for Twins back up catcher Josmil Pinto. Pinto wasn’t supposed to have that role coming into the season, but fell into the role when Kurt Suzuki started raking. He was pushed into a DH role for a while but now, as you can see, he has onlly had 1 start since May 17th.

Pinto’s value will always come from his bat. Furthermore, he’s not that bad at the dish now, especially for a team that has been hurting for power in the middle of the lineup. Why isn’t he playing? Is it that same stupid 2 catcher in the lineup thing? If that’s the problem, Pinto should still be playing half the games, because he is a developing prospect and Suzuki is a known commodity, and even is he does re-sign here for a few more years, Pinto needs the experience.

And like I said,  Pinto isn’t that bad right now. I’d rather have him in the past few weeks than Jason Kubel or Chris Colabello. The fact that Pinto has been on the bench so much lately is inexplicable.

I’ve long said that I refuse to blame Ron Gardenhire for the last 3 years. Nobody was going to win with the injuries and attrition that afflicted the team in 2011, or the abject lack of talent in 2012-13 (though I do pin some blame on his desire for more speed in the infield leading to the Twins adding Nichioka). I am to this day frustrated that he seemed incapable of managing talent when he had it, and I worry if that’s happening again as the roster depth and the Twins themselves improve.

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