How bad is Josh Freeman?

PAinterJosh Freeman, he of the most terrible start of Minnesota Vikings’ recent history was signed by the Giants in the offseason. Josh Freeman’s terrible game for the Vikings could be explained quite easily. He didn’t exert maximum effort for a team and coach that were actively working to kneecap his career in Tampa Bay. When he came to Minnesota, he was thrown into the starting position far too early, and that was compounded by over exposure. Why on earth did Freeman throw it that much?

So, yeah, Freeman was signed by the Giants, and it was especially curious since they had a first hand look at how awful he was last year. But still, they could have been buying low on a player that was still physically gifted. Strange though it was, signing Freeman to a low risk deal was totally defensible.

That said, the Giants cut Freeman on Friday. They opted to keep Curtis Painter, pictured above. I thought that Curtis Painter is the worst quarterback in the NFL. He managed to take a good Colts team as you’ll recall, and lead them to an 0-8 record under his purview, completing 54.3% of his passes and netting a mere 6 TDs. Dan Orlovsky came in and instantly made the Colts better. Dan Orlovsky helped lead the Lions to an 0-16 record. He was better than Curtis Painter. Curtis Painter is apparently better than Josh Freeman.

Conclusion: Josh Freeman is the worst.

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