Joey Gallo can hit


I went to the futures game today, which was more fun than I was expecting. It was tough to be terribly excited about pitchers when they only get an inning of work, and in most cases, the hitters and pitchers aren’t even at the same level right now. The talent is there for all of the players, it’s just not defined as much as it could be.

Still, some players at the cusp, like Javier Baez of the Cubs stood out with their power. Other players were striking with how big they were. The Twins’ Kennys Vargas at 6’5 275lb stands out, as does the Tigers’ Steven Moya at 6’6 230. Fr some reason, Puerto Rico seems to be growing them big lately.

The Texas Rangers have a big hoss of a guy who also had the benefit of impressing with power. Joey Gallo is in double A and stands at 6’5, 205 and hit one of the longest home runs I’ve seen at Target Field, reaching the second deck in right center field. It was a 2 run homer that won the game for the American side, and earned Gallo the MVP. Apparently he also put on a show in batting practice. He destroyed the truck that was out there for promotional purposes this weekend, as photographed above.

This is the cool part of this event, obviously. I’ll be looking forward to seeing Gallo in the Major Leagues some day.

(Biggest blast though, goes to Nelly, who took Jack Morris deep.

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