Byron Buxton out with a wrist injury


Byron Buxton hasn’t been playing this weekend because his wrist has been bugging him. This may not be a surprise, because Buxton has been dealing with a nagging wrist injury this season, and has missed a lot of time already this year. It’s a frustrating part of any recovery process.

Oh. But wait. It’s his OTHER wrist. Buxton has been trying to recover from a right wrist injury, but his previous issues were in his left wrist. Buxton was hit by a pitch in his right wrist on Friday, and has been left out since then. It sounds like it isn’t anything serious, but it’s just a reminder of the bad luck in player development the Twins have had for the past half a decade. It’s nice that Buxton is getting a good idea of what to expect as a member of the organization as well.

Buxton is scheduled for Tommy John surgery next week.

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