Jim Bowden is the Trade Deadline’s biggest loser


Jim Bowden and I don’t get along. I don’t antagonize too many people on Twitter, but I made a couple of comments about some of his trade rumors a few years back and how downright silly they were. Denard Span for Tyler Clippard, about 5 years ago was the big one. Eventually, Span was traded, even to the Nationals, but for a much better long term prospect and about 3 years after Bowden said it would happen. It was a bad rumor, and I savaged it. Jim Bowden was a bad GM and now he was a bad analyst.

So Jim Bowden blocked me.

Maybe I was a bit petulant, but I think, too, that Bowden is a bit thin skinned and reactionary. Yesterday, he had slip in journalistic integrity. He was caught not citing a source. Worse still, he was using a source that wasn’t real by co-opting information from a fake Joel Sherman account. The end result? Since it was fake information, Bowden was proven wrong. Since it had come out on the internet via someone purporting to be real, Bowden was proven to be a thief, even if what he stole wasn’t authentic. This wouldn’t warrant a post if it stopped there.

It continued. Deadspin has the whole story (see how easy it is to attribute information?), but here is the gist: Bowden’s report of Marlon Byrd being dealt spread like wildfire. Then beat writers found out the story was false, including, presumably, Bowden. Why? Because he tried to wash the world of that tweet. By completely scrubbing the internet of his Twitter profile. The best part was that he did it piece by piece. He deleted his twitter picture, then changed the name to “@JimBowdiv” and lastly, he changed his name to Ralph.

Just delete the tweet next time, dude. Then apologize. Come on Ralph.

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