The Twins are makin’ deals


We don’t know what the Twins will ultimately receive for Kevin Correia yet from the Dodgers, but we do know that with Josh Willingham’s trade today, the Twins will receive Jason Adam from the Royals, a middle reliever from the triple A Omaha Storm Chasers. Any time you get something in return for what was essentially going to bring you no value, it’s a good trade. Kevin Correia, even if it turns out to be nothing in the end, gives the Twins roster space by moving on.

As for Willingham, the fact that a terrible fielder with a low batting average, an injury history and only a dozen homers this season brought back a player young enough to still be a prospect, and one that could contribute next year is nothing short of amazing. Sure, you could have maybe received a back of the rotation starter a couple of seasons ago, but the Twins still would have made them their ace, rendering the value worthless. Adam will be used appropriately out of the bullpen, if and when he comes to Minneapolis.

Frankly, I’m not too far down on Adam either. If anything, he’s the opposite of Trevor May to me. Whereas Trevor May had a bunch of red flags that led me to believe May might not be as great as expected, Adam’s peripherals seem to indicate a hard luck existence. His FIP is getting better year over year, even as he rises through the minors. His walk rate is half of what May’s was, but his BABIP is always high. Even more frustrating for him is his low career strand rate. There is a pretty decent pitcher in there somewhere, and getting him for a spare part that wasn’t part of the Twins’ future is great work.

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